We Take More Drugs Than A Touring Funk Band

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Mar 31

“The problem with so many books about Nirvana is that they all more or less tell the same story, even if they differ over nuance and minutia. Cobain did spark a revolution in music and popular culture; he did become a figurehead to a generation coming into its own at a time when it didn’t have much to come into; he did flame out personally, if not creatively. That story is now becoming as threadbare as one of Cobain’s cardigans. What we need from subsequent Nirvana-related titles is a new, younger voice. If there’s a future for Cobain publishing, it’s in the hands of millennials who never knew the band in the present tense but have inherited its legacy. Does Cobain speak to anyone under 30? If so, what does he say?” — Twenty years after Kurt Cobain’s death, there are a rash of new books chronicling the singer’s life and times—but do they add any insight to his legacy? Stephen Deusner takes on that question and more on The Pitch. (via pitchfork)

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